Co-founder of Urban Athletic and the founder of the Ving Tsun Chinese Boxing Club Brunswick, Enzo has been an active practitioner of Ving Tsun since 1979 training in Hong Kong with Wong Shun Leung and in Australia with David Peterson. Enzo is also a member of the Wong Shun Leung Students Association, the Australian Martial Arts Industry Association, a Nationally Accredited Coach with Boxing Australia (Boxing Victoria) and the Australian Wushu Kung Fu Association. Enzo has also trained in Judo, Karate, Boxing & Kickboxing & has acquired practical experience through working in the security industry.

Combined with a National Powerlifting Coaching Accreditation and Personal Training certification, Enzo is the perfect coach for anyone from beginner to advanced who is interested in boxing, martial arts, or sports specific strength and conditioning.




Co-founder of Urban Athletic, Justin is a Nationally Qualified and Accredited Boxing, Martial Arts, Olympic Weightlifting Coach, and Personal Trainer. Justin specialises in injury rehabilitation and prevention, strength and conditioning, weight loss, and general fitness. Justin is an advocate of positive body image and  focuses on helping his clients achieve long term, sustainable lifestyle changes.








Alana has over ten years of experience as a competitive gymnast at both a state and national level. Alana has also had six years of experience as a gymnastics coach at a recreational, state and national level. She has since been focusing on weight and strength training since her departure from the sport. Alana’s interests surround building a strong, well balanced and flexible body foundation for exercising, with a large focus on keeping a positive and happy mindset surrounding exercise to promote long term enjoyment. Alana runs our FLEX-ABILITY program on Saturdays 10-11am and is available for personal training and consultations throughout the week





Over the last three years Adam has trained, learned, and worked at Urban Athletic, becoming both an accomplished athlete and a personal trainer. Adam has a passion for weightlifting and is an advocate of building strength through proven training and programming methods. He is also nationally qualified and accredited with Powerlifting Australia as a Powerlifting Coach. Adam’s attention to detail, professionalism, and ability to coach and correct technique from beginners to advanced is exceptional. He is also a classical guitarist and all round nice guy!